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Journey of HR Transformation to Go Paperless | HR Virtual Talk Show with OCBC NISP

Great insights coming from our Virtual Talk Show Session for "Journey of HR Transformation to Go Paperless" last Tuesday.

HR may contribute to going paperless as a part of an organization's digital transformation. Strategic partners must improve, which is able to be supported by Harpa's Self-Service feature.

Harpa HCM has complied to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan. It can also define the formula according to the business needs, when it enters the payroll process. So, there is no need to list manually again in excel, because everything has been calculated by Harpa. The count is appropriate and the report is related to Tax and BPJS calculation, so it can be directly withdrawn from Harpa.

HR must use the latest technology according to the needs of the business to be able to integrate all systems in a company. It’s all about speed and flexibility. Yet, we can’t stop the resistance of employees. We must continue to socialize and remind employees to be able to use the existing HR system.



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